Welcome to our website!

Welcome to our website!

We are a well-coordinated team of translators. Monika is a highly-experienced lawyer-linguist, and Dawid is a public service translator and court interpreter with thorough training in English law.

About Us

Hello, I am Monika. I have been a lawyer for over 8 years. At the beginning of my career I worked at the prestigious law firm ADP Legal in Katowice, where I gained substantial experience in commercial law. This is why I focus mainly on this area of law. Then, I started my own business with a group of lawyers who specialise in family, criminal and copyright law.

My second passion is languages. I speak English, German and Italian. I spent some time abroad, working and learning English. That is why I work with and for foreign clients, starting from translation of documents necessary to set up a business in Poland.
Then, I help them settle all the things necessary to start their operations in this country, such as:

  • residence permits,
  • work permits,
  • business set-up / formation formalities (preparation of the necessary contracts, registration, tax registration, office arrangements etc.);
  • or sometimes even assistance with building manufacturing premises in Poland.

My clients come from England, Germany, Italy, Egypt, USA, Denmark, Japan, China, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Canada, Australia and India.

Equipped with language skills, I often conduct training courses for managers in English, covering various aspects of Polish law, particularly contract law, management liability, labour law and corporate law.

I have completed a post-graduate course in Mergers and Acquisitions at the Warsaw School of Economics and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) course. These studies have given me the skills and knowledge to help my clients manage their companies in Poland.

I write this blog to stay in touch with you, but also to provide you with information about the Polish legal system, and to show you that starting a business in Poland can be easy and beneficial.

If you have any questions without an answer on my blog, please feel free to ask me.


We offer our services in a narrow area of expertise, but they are based on a strong foundation of formal qualifications, field-specific knowledge and years of practical experience. To find out more, see the About Us section.

If you are looking for a professional legal translation service, look no more.  We offer translations of

  • commercial contracts and agreements,
  • construction project contracts,
  • notarised documents,
  • corporate documents,
  • documentation of M&A transactions,
  • legal opinions in contract, company or tax law,
  • court documents,
  • documents issued under the law of England and Wales in court, employment, corporate, and tax and excise matters

We don’t translate everything. We only do what we do really well.

Business In Poland

Contact Us

Telephone: +48 739422467


Fax: 32 720 62 65


E-mail: msawarska@malegal.pl


Postal address: M&A Business and Legal Translation Monika Sawarska ul. Staromiejska 7/402B 40-013 Katowice Poland