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18 Sep

Why people start business in Poland ?

Why people start business in Poland ?

There are many stories…

For example, there are many students who came to Poland to study, in particular medicine. I met medical student from USA about 2 years ago, who decided to invest in Poland. He bought several properties and opened restaurant. 

Love is also very common reason ? People meet somewhere in the world and decide to stay in Poland finally. 

However, there are also many big international companies which decided to start business in Poland. In Katowice we have many big offices of these companies, like: IBM, Capgemini, PwC, Fujitsu etc. 

We have also few economical zones in Silesia region, where I live. There are many benefits for companies which decide to invest in zone. I will prepare separate information in this area, because it is wide and essential topic. It is enough to say, that there are more than 100 companies in these places. There are mainly production companies, like automotive, plastic, glass, paper etc. I opened at least few of them and cooperated or cooperate with few. 

As Poland is close to Germany, we have many German branches in Poland. Additionaly, many Poles speak fluent German, what is also appreciated. 

Lately, we have also many investition in IT. This is due to the fact that we have many IT specialists in Poland. 

In Silesia is still architecture boom, so we still can observe new investition in buildings. In Katowice there is always something new built. It causes, that there are also many new construction companies with foreign capital. 

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