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24 Jan

Company in Poland – how long does it take ?

The second most popular question asked by my Clients is: How long am I going to wait for registration of my company in Poland ?

And this is really tough question, because, it does not depend on me.

Basically according to Polish binding law, registration should be made within 7 days. However, it never takes 7 days. There are so many motions placed in Polish National Register Court, that it is not able to meet the deadline.

However, there is some easy solution.

First of all, in some cases company can be registered on line, and it takes really more or less 24 hours. It is true, that after registration on line, one should place additional documents in the court, however the company has been already registered and may conduct business.

Secondly, when we talk about limited liability company or joint-stock company, a company is established after signing documentation before public notary. It means, that a company may start business on the base of notarial deed. There is only necessary to obtain for this company statistic number and tax identification number, but it really takes no longer than 7 days.

This kind of company (after signing notarial deed but before registration) is called „in organization” and can run business more or less for 6 months without registration.

If we want register company in traditional way, real time to register company in national register court takes about 2-3 months from the date, when a motion was placed in the court.

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