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04 Apr

Cultural differences

People from Asia often ask me about cultural differences between Asians and Poles. Of course, there are some, but I have a few Clients who successfully run their business in Poland. These are large production companies as well as a small companies. At the beginning it was difficult for them to find themselves in the Polish reality, it was quite natural, to face up all legal requirements, work permit, residence, all obligations related to running a business in Poland. Over time, however, they found out, that Polish officials are friendly, even if they are not always able to communicate with them in English???? In consequence, an English interpreter is needed to communicate with them. Being with my Clients in various public offices, I have seen, that employees of Polish institutions show great tolerance and understanding for foreigners. Moreover, the culture of Asia is very fascinating for us, and on the other hand, Polish culture is also interesting for Asians. Two of my Clients are engaged in selling Polish handicraft on the Eastern markets and they are very successful.


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