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06 Apr

Types of business entities in Poland

You can run business in Poland as natural person (sole trader). Registration of this activity is very easy and fast. You just need to fill in a short form at the city office. Probably you will also need register in tax office as a VAT payer. Actually it takes one day and you can start your business in Poland.

If you have business partner and you want cooperate with him, you can establish partnership or company.

There are few types of Polish partnerships like:

  • civil partnership;
  • registered partnership;
  • professional partnership;
  • limited partnership;
  • limited joint-partnership;

and two types of Polish companies:

  • limited liability company;
  • joint-stock company

In the next entries I will explain briefly what each of these companies consists of. However if you have some questions, please do not hesitate to ask me 🙂


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