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09 Apr

Limited liability company in Poland

Last week was very busy. I was working with my Client to amend the articles of association of limited liability company in Poland.

I prepared:

  • minutes of the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders;
  • agenda of the meeting;
  • list of shareholders;
  • information about address for service for shareholders submitted to register court (which is actually address of my office);
  • statement of the company, whether is foreigner according to Polish law and whether is the owner of the land in Poland;
  • power of attorney for me, to represent the company before register court.

My Clients are not Polish, so I had to prepare all documents billingual. However they did not have to come to Poland, because they had granted me a power of attorney to represent them at the shareholders’ meeting of limited liability company in Poland.

After receipt PoA I arranged meeting at notary office as an amendment to the articles of association requires the form of a notarial deed.

Finally, on Friday I prepared motion to National Register Court where amendments shall be registered, paid fee and submitted motion to the court. Now we need to wait until the National Register Court (KRS) accepts it.


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