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31 May

How much is it ?

You often ask me how much cost setting up limited liability company in Poland, so I decided to explain briefly how much it is.

First of all it depends whether you open company on-line, what is possible or traditional way.

What does it mean “traditional way” ?

You just go to notary office where you sign articles of association.

And the person who prepares articles of association is me ­čÖé

Minimum share capital for limited liability company in Poland is 5 000 PLN what is about 1 200 EUR and 1315 USD.

When you open company on line you can pay share capital only in cash and when you go to notary you can pay share capital in cash or in kind contribution.

Additionally if you go to notary you shall pay notarial fee which is about 200 PLN (50 EUR or 53 USD) when share capital of the company is 5 000 PLN+taxes which will be about 100 PLN. Notarial fee and taxes will be proportionally higher, when share capital is higher.

Next step is registration: when you do it online, you pay 350 PLN, when you do it sending registration by post, it costs 600 PLN.

Summing up you need about 7 000 PLN (1500 EUR) to open limited liability company in Poland.

However you should also know, that there are also some monthly expenses like rental fee and cost of accounting.

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